Paul J. Heidema

Paul J. Heidema

CEO and Co-Founder
SparkActa Inc.
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Paul J. Heidema

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As the CEO of SparkActa Inc, Paul leads and supports organizational effectiveness with systematic learning, high-leverage practices, thoughtful relationship building, and compassion for my colleagues. Through his extensive experience working with leaders in organizational and cultural change, I continue to develop intelligent techniques and approaches to enable success. Much of my work has been focused on leadership development, team growth, and the adoption of positive behaviours to accelerate learning and productivity.

Since 2008 with Agile and more than and since 2000 in technology, Paul has learned to focus on empowering others, leadership through deeds over words, and the power of co-creating self-organizing teams. He has worked with dozens of teams, many dozens of leaders, and hundreds of managers. Paul loves to give back through more than 40 articles, facilitated workshops, and plenty of conversations. Connect to him through his LinkedIn profile - to keep in touch and to support innovation and collaboration.

Paul Heidema - Video

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I started my journey by experiencing the amazing collaborative power of Agile frameworks in 2007. Since then I have guided several large companies as a senior consultant, agile coach and scrum trainer, and focusing on Agile development, Agile methodology, and Agile software development. This has led me to offer group facilitation, guide executive teams, support team development, help individuals, and accompany new & seasoned agile coaches.

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