Peter Lam

Peter Lam

Claritas Consulting
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Peter Lam

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Peter is a Principal at Tabar and Claritas Consulting.

Through Tabar, he supports the development of the Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking community by supporting:

  1. Conferences (1st Conf, LAST, Spark the Chage)
  2. Meet ups (Melbourne Agile, Agile PM, Agile BA)
  3. Community based training (Swinburne Uni)

Through Claritas Consulting, he partners with customers to help transform the way they work to build happier workplaces through the adoption of modern ways of working.  His expertise is reflecting in his teaching approach focusing on:

  1. Management 3.0
    adapting management to suit knowledge workers
  2. Agile Lean Change Management
    building adaptable teams by transforming the way people based change is delivered
  3. Agile Project Management
    applying agile practices into more traditional, non software related workplaces