Piyush Arora

Piyush Arora

Research Scientist
American Express AI Labs
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Piyush Arora

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I'm a Research Scientist with American Express AI Labs, Bangalore, India since September' 2019. Before joining American Express,  I was a Post-Doctoral researcher with the ADAPT Centre, Dublin, Ireland. I completed my PhD in computer science in August' 2018 from Dublin City University, Ireland. 

My areas of interest are Information Extraction and Retrieval, Machine Learning, User Search Behavior, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Deep Learning.

During my PhD, I worked in the area of Interactive Information Retrieval, towards developing novel solutions for improving the overall search experience and user learning. We mainly focused on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques and tools and their application for different tasks, domains and languages.

I am interested in learning and exploring more on how we can use technology to bring changes at the root level, especially focusing on education and human learning, how can we make better societies and ecosystem with the use of technology. I believe "Guided Technology" can play an important role in the path towards global sustainable world.

One of the quote that inspires me a lot-
"And somewhere there are engineers, Helping others fly faster than sound. But, where are the engineers, Helping those who must live on the ground?"-Young Oxfam Poster 

During my free time, I like playing badminton, squash and reading books. I love going for long walks exploring the beautiful nature, the precious gift that has been given to all of us. I love visiting new places, meeting new people and making friends.