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Prabhakar Karve

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Prabhakar Karve works with Impetus group of companies as a wVw consultant & coach. His main role is to spread the awareness of wVw (Work value and waste) framework he has created, and help the product / project teams to benefit from it by practicing it every day at their work.Those who are regularly practicing with an enriched frame of reference are able to apply it with ease not just at work but in all parts of their life.

He was a speaker at the Agile India 2012 and 2017 at Bengaluru and the Agile Alliance 2013 at Nashville US.

He enjoys seeing things from a systems perspective to understand the underlying patterns and apply them to deal with a variety of situations faced by the project teams.

You can see Prabhakar's  blog where he posts his thoughts on various topics including Agile & WoW.