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I like to explain, describe, host, speak in public, and to write - This is my communication theme at work.

“Stretch the circle wider” - This is the philosophy around which I orient my life. I want to include people and make them feel part of the group & success.


  • Thought leader in Agile, got strong exposure in product engineering, & quality process, standards & transformation strategies – published 10 plus experience papers in international journals, conferences and seminars
  • Passionate about people & relationship – built high performing teams in delivering Projects and Programs worth over 10M USD and achieved the stretch goals on quality, project management and customer satisfaction (with marquee clients like Microsoft, Coke, GE, CitiBank)
  • Enabling to win large deals – strong skills in writing proposals, creating value based solution constructs and engagement models.
  • Communities of Passion – created self organizing CoP for learning, sharing and proliferating best practices across the organisation in areas like Agile, DataBase, Microsoft Technologies