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Praveen Srivatsa

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Praveen Srivatsa

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Praveen Srivatsa started dabbing with computers on a ZX-81 Sinclair at the age of 12 and was hooked on computing ever since. In college, while studying Mechanical Engineering at NIT Surathkal, he spent time in the computer lab writing programs for solving gear design and thermodynamics.

He started his career in 1994, right out of college with CITIL (now Oracle Financials) and has worked with ADITI Technologies and Orbit-e Consulting. He started Asthrasoft Consulting in 2004 which offers consulting around the latest technologies and the best practices in implementing them in enterprise solutions.

He worked as an independent consultant with Microsoft technology centers (MTC) in India and Singapore to help incubate over 25 solutions on Beta technologies and was instrumental in building out a solution on WPF that was showcased at re-mix India by Steve Ballmer and Anil Kumble.

Praveen has an insatiable appetite for data in all forms - books, movies and even digital data streams. Very large number patterns are one of his favourite diet. Starting out on SQL 4.2 and Oracle 7, he has been working with algorithms and systems that push the boundaries of size and performance of data operations. He presented a case study on managing a 100TB application with real-time analytics in 2011.

Praveen has been recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director (Hon) since 2000. He was recognized as a Microsoft MVP from 2008 to 2013. Praveen is the Director at Asthrasoft, where has incubated StudiDesk - a cognitive learning platform and is the CTO at Bionic Yantra - which is building out a robotic exo-skeleton for rehabilitation. He is also on the technology advisory board of a few software companies.