Puneet Kala

Puneet Kala

QA Automation Engineer
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Puneet Kala

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reporting page-object-pattern selenium-webdriver phpunit joomla! infrastructure mobile-testing authentication twilio otp visual-automation visual-regression

I am from Bangalore, India and I have been contributing to Joomla from past two years, I am an open source enthusiast and I love working with Selenium.

I have been part of Google Summer of Code from past two years, I was a student last year and did a project of setting up System Test Suite using Selenium-webdriver for Joomla-CMS and this year I have volunteered to be a Mentor with Joomla-CMS for one of the Selenium-Webdriver Project.

I started working in Automation when I joined Oracle in year 2012, I worked on Selenium-Webdriver with JUnit, that is when I started learning automation, then later on I started contributing in Open Source Organisation like PHPMyadmin, Joomla and most of my free time since then goes into contributing for Open Source Organisations. I have a good amount of experience in working with Selenium-Webdriver with PHPUnit. I have also worked on Selenium-Webdriver for Ruby.