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Pushkar Kulkarni

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I have been working in the programming languages space over the last nine years. I started my career as a Java Just-In-Time compiler developer with the the IBM Java Runtime. I spent days digging through system core files and fixing bugs without a recreate at hand! Later I changed gears to Java Class Libraries development, fixing bugs and implementing features in the various Java packages (java.net, java.nio and java.util). Early in 2016, I have started working on the open source Swift Foundation libraries project and have a few contributions to it. 

In the month of April in 2015, I attended a handful talks from Venkat Subramanian and got immensely attracted to functional thinking. I also attended FunctionalConf 2015 and really enjoyed the day there. Since then I have been trying to develop a functional mindset. I have played around with Scheme, Haskell and Java 8 and off late FP in Swift as well. 

Public presentations:

Long back, I made this video for JIT compilation!