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raghav agarwal

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raghav agarwal

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microservices pivotal-cloud-foundry service-discovery api-gateways edge-service circuit-breaker continuous-delivery-and-devops

Cloud Transformation Coach

11 years of experience in application development, designing, architecting and building
scalable​, distributed​, cloud-based​, resilient​, fault-tolerant​, microservices style
applications and systems as solutions to complex problems.

● Have been part of entire lifecycle of various applications(design, development, unit
tests, functional tests, continuous integration, deployment, performance tests, building
metrics into the application, developing tools for testing, request tracing in distributed
environment) and building frameworks and tools to solve various cross cutting
● Passionate Software Craftsmanship advocate. Guided teams with adoption and
application of agile and lean principles to software development (test-driven
development, continuous Integration, smaller feedback cycles, daily standups, design
principles and patterns , clean code, pair programming, refactoring).
● Have been mentoring individuals and teams, passionate about sharing knowledge with
others, and have been conducting trainings and workshops in various technical areas.