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Raghav Pal

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Raghav Pal

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I am Raghav, an Automation Test Architect & Educator.

In the last 10+ years, I have witnessed, worked and delivered multiple Automation Testing Projects and have worked with some awesome people in this industry.

A few years ago, I felt a need to share and hand-over my knowledge to anyone and everyone who needs it and anyone who wants to learn Automation in a very basic, simple, step-by-step manner.

That is when I started teaching and realized this is my passion.

My motivation to create AutomationStepByStep platform was the drive to spread knowledge and education through simple step by step guides.

We often need someone to hold our hand and help us take the first few steps before we learn to walk and run. I am on a mission to spread education and make it available to anyone willing to learn.

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/automationstepbystep
Courses - https://automationstepbystep.com/online-courses/