Rahul Goma Phulore

Rahul Goma Phulore

Applied Logician
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Rahul Goma Phulore

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deep-dive haskell scala object-oriented-programming unification oop monads concurrency continuation monad promise future type-system types

I was fortunate to discover functional programming early in my programming journey. I have been involved with Scala community for 5+ years now, and have been working with it professionally for 3+ years. The other functional langugaes I have explored to a considerable extent include Haskell, Clojure, and F#. 

I am an obsessive programming languages enthusiast, and am interested in and have dabbled in many other sorts of languages, such as Smalltalk and Factor. 

I believe there is an immense amount of wisdom lying in things dismissed under "academic" pejorative, which I humbly aim to bring to the mainstream, and help improve the software situation.