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Agile metrics mindset


Topic: Measure what matters

Reference: Book by John Doerr (Board of director Google)

Part 1

Problem statement: “Teams today are feature factories with little regard for whether the feature actually solve business problems.” Marty Cagan (Silicon valley product group)

  • Agile as delivery mechanism over delivering outcome
  • Few areas driving agility over end to end agility
  • Output over Outcome focused mindset

Part 2

Possible solution: OKR’s (Objective and key results)

Good idea with great execution is how we create magic.

Ideas are easy, execution is everything 


  • What are OKR’s
  • Benefits of OKR’s
  • How Google uses it
  • Sample OKR’s

Part 3

Experiential learning: Engagement increases through these processes, learning accelerates and retention improves. Improved Attitudes toward Learning – The personal nature of experiential learning engages the students' emotions as well as enhancing their knowledge and skills.

  • Write Objectives related to your personal life
  • Write measurable key results
  • Time box them and reflect back


Time needed: 60 to 90 minutes (Preferable 90 minutes, however could be done in 60 if time does not permit)

Logistics: Projector for content sharing

Expected outcomes:

  • Better understanding of OKR’s
  • How to continuously improve by measuring what matters
  • Increasing focus on outcomes over just delivering features