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Ram Ramalingam

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Ram Ramalingam

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First Hello world program in 1989 - Last coded in 1998, for my Engineering thesis (my grades warned me to desist).

First job in 1998 - Fifteen years of varied experience therafter - in project manageming in petrochemical/manufacturing, implementing enterprise software/CRM, architecting fairly large Busines Intelligence platforms, Fast web apps, and Business architecture consulting and now finally working as an Agile coach one of the largest tranformations/complex domain & architectures.

Chemical Engineering in IIT Madras. MBA from IIM Calcutta. Worked in Engineers India, Polaris Software, Bank of New York, Thoughtworks and now in JP Morgan. When not workin, you'd find me reading, travelling, swimming, doing crosswords or playing music/chess/bridge - a love for people, history, economics, psychology, physics, mathematics and the mountains kept me on these pursuits.

Extremely passionate about technology and Agile. Come years of academic and vocational interests in multiple disciplines that make Agile, in my opinion, truly a Theory of Everything, viz. Operations research (Lean, six-sigma, MRP), Economics (Classical & behavoural), Psychology and Organizational behavour, Mathematics/Statistics, Evolutionary biology etc. My particlar focus in Agile has been on culture, organizationl learning, systems thinking, product management & design thinking and gamification. Have been focussing on complexity, captology & cognitive science in the past few years.

Done a lot of trainings and workshops around Agile and systems thinking themes. Not been much of a presenter (a few talks below), though started being a regular at conferences, as an over-zealous hounding the speaker with too many questions - now, taking a bold step and preparing to face people like me, while standing on the stage.