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Ranjith Tharayil is an accomplished innovator, software craftsman and an inspirational servant leader, with over 15 years of experience in the software industry. He currently holds the position of Head of Technology Consulting, SolutionsIQ and specializes in strategizing and planning digital transformations. He has been an integral part of the R & D departments in large scale product companies and has 8 patents and several publications across different domain which includes software architecture, Human Computer Interaction, image processing , graphics , embedded systems etc.




Specking and Publication Profile

  1. Paper presentation - “ An algorithm for shape aware line handles “ SIGRAPH Asia 2015 , Kobe, Japan
  2. Speaker at Samsung software architecture conferences ,2011 ,Delhi
  3. Speaker at Samsung software architecture conference ,2012,Seoul
  4. Conference Talk - When to embrace BDD, Discuss Agile Bangalore conference 2016
  5. Conference Talk –Technology & Transformation, Leadership meet 2016
  6. Conference Talk – XP Conference 2015, Bangalore, Speaker Open Session talk on BDD
  7. Conference Talk –XP Conference 2016, Bangalore
  8. Conference talk – Agile Gurgaon, “Change vector tracking in emergent design and architecture “
  9. Webinar , on BDD introduction by Agile Nirvana Meet up group
  10. Global code retreat 2015 Bangalore , facilitator
  11. Agile Technical meet up group, organizer
  12. TDD championship Society  General 2016,  facilitator



  1. US 20140075394 A1 , India 3719/CHE/2012 ,Methods and interactions for connecting of applications to facilitate interoperability
  2. Europe EP 2645231 A2 ,IND 1227/CHE/ 2012, US20130258406 A1 ,User terminal apparatus, method of controlling user terminal apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
  3. US 20140210944 A1 ,Method and apparatus for converting 2d video to 3d video
  4. India 3134/CHE/2014 ,Method and system for generating a visual representation of object timelines in a multimedia user interface
  5. India 258/CHE/2014 ,Shape aware image deformation system using line handles
  6. India 5481/CHE/2013,Method and an apparatus for creating a personalized search query based on contextual tagging
  7. India 2068/CHE/2013 ,Method and device for managing multiple desktop screens
  1. India 2535/CHE/2008,Method and system for processing print options associated with a document


  1. Sharma, and R. Tharayil. Shape-aware MLS deformation for line handles. SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Technical Briefs, Kobe, Japan, pp. 20, 2015.
  2. Tharayil, Ranjith (15 February 2016). "When to embrace Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)?". SolutionsIQ. Retrieved 15 February 2016.

Corporate trainings

  • Society general global solution center
    1. 1 day Behavior driven development introduction workshop
    2. 1 Day BDD hands on work shop
    3. 2 day clean code and TDD work shop
  • Samsung electronics
    1. Design patterns
    2. Android development
    3. Software design
    4. Test driven development
    5. Attribute Driven design