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Raunak Bhandari

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Raunak Bhandari

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Senior Data Scientist working on Knowledge Graph for ed-tech at Embibe, Bangalore, India. IIT Roorkee B.Tech. '15.

I have researched and developed several original algorithms in machine learning (tree compression & semantics extraction, image tree segmentation, ad targeting on mood estimated via touch vectors) and foundational algorithms (Static Radix Tries SOTA - S-HAMT).

After having worked for consultancy companies, founding an ad-tech startup, working as a Machine Learning Consultant in the open source ecosystem (RaRe Tech. - worked with Radim Rehurek, creator of gensim), and as a Machine Learning Engineer at an edge-cloud silicon valley startup (Volterra), I like to think that I have it figured out on what kind of challenges intrigue me, though I’m susceptible to incessant bouts of curiosity on almost any topic.

In my free time, I ponder the origin of consciousness and language by drawing parallels with the recent advances in deep learning. I also do creative writing and have received a commendation from a Royal Palm Literary Award winner for my story.