Ravi Kumar

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Hands-on agile practitioner with application development and delivery experience helping customers and organizations implement agile/lean processes and practices for achieving delivery excellence.

Agile to me is a philosophy more than a software methodology or framework. I am a Sr. Coach/Consultant at AgileFAQs and I help teams in implementing and maturing agile/lean practices for large engagements/projects. I come from the application development and delivery background primarily in the Financial Services space with 5+ years of engineering and development work experience at Deutsche Bank, USA in Mortgage and Investment Banking group. I have played various roles as a Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Scrum Master, Manager, Architect and Developer with expertise to help organizations and teams transform to implement agile/lean methods. My IT industry experience spans over 16 years with the last 6 plus years in leading and growing agile and lean practices.