Reha Malik Gill

Reha Malik Gill

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Reha Malik Gill

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Reha Malik Gill is a highly experienced Agile Across the Organization Practitioner with a proven track record of bringing innovative, evolutionary ideas to all levels of organizations so they can realize their potential through the use of many facets of agile, including business process reengineering (BPR), scrum, kanban, XP, and many scaling approaches to agile. She works to build self-standing and self-starting teams that break stovepipes and siloed processes to create agile organizations that use "best fit for their organization" practices.

Known best for her motivational and humorous teaching techniques, Ms. Gill teaches by whiteboarding key focus areas, using practical illustrative exercises, and interwines business with IT to teach people about the Lean Agility Organization.
She possess superior team building and interpersonal skills with an ability to interface effectively at all levels. Skilled at leading and mentoring teams, Ms Gill is a champion at executing requirements-driven release processes to enable organizations to build stable products quickly.