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Rishi Srivastav

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Rishi Srivastav

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Agile-Lean Coach, Enterprise Architect & a Transformation Consultant

I spent first decade of my work life with system integrators and captives, developing and architecting software solutions to challenging business problems. I was on an energy trading software team at Sithe Energies, New York; Self-service banking portal development team at Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco; Auto claims insurance product development for Mitchell, San Diego and led digital transformation of a leading UK newspaper, Times, to its online version to name a few.

As I complete my second decade, I have led transformation programs, helping teams harness rapidly changing technologies and Agile-Lean delivery methods to deliver business value to their end customers with short concept to cash lead-time. Representing HP, I co-led Agile transformation for Vodafone, UK; Via Sapient led set-up of digital centers of excellences for TUI travel in Sweden-India using Scrum-Kanban based delivery model; And recently worked with Tesco HSC to help transform delivery of retail solutions, using Emergn’s Value-Flow-Quality product and Scrum, Kanban and SAFe delivery methods.

I have experience of working in various countries and cultures including USA, UK, Sweden, Middle East and India. Am a graduate in Electrical and Electronics engineering from India and is currently pursuing my distance MBA from University of Leicester. I am married with two cute little daughters aged 6 and 3.