Ritesh Mehrotra

Ritesh Mehrotra

Agility Consultant | Developer
Singapore Airlines
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Ritesh Mehrotra

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I am a developer, and I love solving problems, and I love being a team member. Simple life. 

BUT, when I don't get to do those simple things, which is frequent, I am an Agility coach for technical practices and team health. And I love to find the inherent simplicity in the complex systems.

I am a keen contributor on agile transformation initiatives. I help teams in my wider organization with their agile transformation journey, which includes workshops on Scrum, Kanban to DevOps and development practices inclusive of BDD/TDD, pair programming, clean code and refactoring.

I am a strong follower of XP development practices, which inspire me to be a disciplined contributor. The quest of continuous and collaborative learning led me to create a knowledge sharing platform in form of a meetup group named TechTalks (https://www.meetup.com/techtalkssg/) in Singapore. This medium helps me share my knowledge and learn from other tech-fellows and gurus.