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Robert Pierce

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Robert Pierce

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My name is Bobby Pierce and I’ve had the opportunity to lead support, development, and QA organizations. I’ve done several multiple organization transformations several of which we were Agile. I’ve done some at the team level and some at scale. I’ve done some things well and others completely wrong. I’ve helped bring SAFe to an organization that didn’t know what Agile or scrum were. I’ve overhauled existing Agile structures impacting how 1000s worked all the way up to the C-level. I’ve driven cross-organization wide Agile transformations for both technical and non-technical teams. I have a lot of experience with Agile and transformations in general from many different angles.

I am currently between roles. I left my previous company, Nielsen, the end of 2018 to explore new opportunities. My prior role was Director of Tech Transformation focused on Agile and DevOps transformation across 7000+ people.

At this point in my career I have 2 goals:

  1. Use my unique experiences to help people and organizations deliver software better
  2. Continue to grow and learn