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Rowan Manahan

Rowan is Irish born and educated and, seeing as he wasn’t able to broker his expertise with the Rubik Cube into an international showbiz career, he entered corporate life and worked with indigenous and multinational companies. Since jumping ship in the 1990s, he has been helping clients all over the English-speaking world navigate their way through the world of work.

Rowan is the author of the best-seller, Where's My Oasis? (The Essential Handbook for Everyone Wanting That Perfect Job) and Ultimate CV (Trade Secrets from a Recruitment Insider). He serves as an External Lecturer for Trinity College Dublin, Bochum University, Innsbruck Medical University, the National College of Ireland, and Dublin Institute of Technology. He is a frequent conference speaker and appears regularly in the media sharing his expertise and advice.

Rowan loves good minds, great music, chop-sockey videos and smelly cheese. He variously describes himself as an author, insultant, storyteller, TEDx curator, husband, father, and dancing bear. Manahan's Mantra is: “We are 98.5% chimpanzee, 1.5% civilized human being.”

You can find him on or shout back at him on Twitter - @Rowan_Manahan