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Maturity is a leading indicator for Performance which leads to Outcome delivery.

We crunched the numbers and analyzed the data across 46,000 team members in our enterprise customers (4,616 Agile teams) and found some fascinating insights on what specific competencies drive high performance. Our team has always believed there’s a correlation between qualitative metrics (defined by maturity) and quantitative metrics (defined by performance or flow). A few years ago, we moved to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. Once we felt we had a sufficient amount to explore, we partnered with the University of Nebraska’s Center for Applied Psychological Services to review the data through our AgilityHealth platform. The main question we wanted to answer was: What are the top competencies driving teams to higher performance?

We analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data from teams surveyed between November 2018 and April 2021. There were 146 companies representing a total of 4,616 teams (some who took the assessment more than once) which equates to more than 46,000 individual survey responses.

The results of our analysis identified the top five input drivers for each of the performance metrics in the TeamHealth assessment, along with the corresponding “weight” of each driver. These drivers are the best predictors for the corresponding metrics. 

By focusing on increasing these top five predictors, teams should see the highest gain on their performance metrics