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Sanjana Akula is a biotechnology student who aims to empower sex trafficking survivors with the skills and tools necessary for financial independence. With this goal in mind, she started Rakshana, partnering with Prajwala in order to educate sex trafficking survivors. As of August 2016, Rakshana has divisions in the United States, Germany, Ethiopia, Canada, and India. 

She has been a Youth Assembly delegate at the United Nations, participating in conferences regarding youth engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals. Her focal Sustainable Development Goal was SDG 5: Gender Equality. 

Having spoken at youth civic engagement conferences (i.e the Junior State of America's Mid-Atlantic State Spring Convention with an attendance of close to 500) about the work of Rakshana, Sanjana believes that the most effective way to end human trafficking is through youth involvement. 

Sanjana hopes to mitigate sex trafficking by emphasizing tangible impact and youth involvement in the cause and continues her efforts to work toward this goal.