sasha simone

sasha simone

Project Manager
American Tower
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sasha simone

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Sasha turns agile ideas into action.  An inspirational leader who motivates you to dream big and then provides you with the steps to make it happen.  She’s a new kind of action-based, interactive agile coach.  Sasha is a strong believer in building self-organized teams capable of high levels of productive performance and quality. 


Leading software teams delivering superior business value, she uses her strong blend of business, technology and creative skills – Entrepreneur, Scrum Master, Technologist, Coach, Change Agent and Evangelist – to give you hands-on action steps for results – with a focus on positive energy and a sense of humor. 


Specialties: Entrepreneurial Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Technology, Use of the Kanban Method for organizational improvement in knowledge workers, Lean IT Services and Technology Innovation, Agile Software Development, Project Management and Risk Management.