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With more than 14+ years of experience coaching and guiding teams in IT, publishing, marketing, e-commerce, I consider myself accidental change management and Agile learner, believer, and follower. I imbibe in the philosophy of "Being Agile is Being Alive."

My approach to learning is all about self-discovery and self-improvement. I always believe that whatever we do is all about "un-learning" and "re-learning", without this mindset, everything you will do will always seem to be impossible for organizational change.

My experience of being a scrum master and product owner shifted my mindset for more towards practical application of the mindset, culture to other departments. This gave me the learning and approaches for foundation education in Agile, including its values, principles, and practices to outside IT. 

Apart from IT, software learner, and coach, I am among only a few practitioners in Agile outside IT domains such as Sales, Marketing, Content, Talent, Design, and Operations. I live with a motto of helping organizations to grow and encourage collaboration and creating a learning environment for success. I feel I am a focused learner with an attitude of problem-solving for creating a mindset driven approach.

I wish to continue building and guiding teams for organizational goals with an adaptive mindset for continuous learning and finding desired solutions for organizations. I have coached and trained 2000 learners in IT teams and outside IT teams. I am an official signatory for Agile HR Manifesto. I am also an official reviewer member for Scrum Alliance.

lately, change management and organizational change have evolved me in the journey of learning and I have been supporting organizations, teams, and individuals, by understanding their real self, emotional side, spiritual side in their journey of change, and feedforwarding towards the future. Being a follower of Marshall Goldsmith academy, my vision is to create a bubble of co-learners who can impact the greater good of humanity.