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Scott McArthur

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Scott McArthur

Scott offers an unusual mix of experience, having worked as a research scientist, HR director, business consultant, rock musical producer, writer and keynote speaker.  His delivery style, which he has developed across the sectors in over 20 years, is humorous, well-crafted, inspiring and direct.

Holding an undergraduate degree in Biology & Psychology and a Masters degree in Psychology & Business, Scott has published in a wide range of disciplines from pioneering microscopy techniques and disease detection to leadership development, organisational psychology, human resources, change management and rock music.  Scott is an advocate of narrowing the “knowing-doing gap” between academic rigor and business application.

In the past 15 years, Scott has consulted in a range of industries in Europe, North America and Asia. He has worked with many national and international organisations including government bodies (UK Ministry of Defence), major retailers (eg. M&S ,Sainsbury’s), IT firms (eg. Atos, Capgemini), global organisations (eg. PwC, Swiss Re, Valspar) and Olympic organisations (eg. UK Olympic Authority and the British Olympic Bobsleigh Team).  Scott currently mentors industry leaders in these industries.  Scott has also spoken at TEDx and UCD in the UK.

Scott’s focus is on inspiring people to change. He achieves this via a suite of development programmes that utilise well-honed channels such as arts, sciences and economics, as well as pioneering concepts such as game theory and behavioural economics.

 As well as writing and speaking, Scott’s current projects include:

  • “Funny Business” - a radio-based comedy show modelled on the BBC’s “Infinite Monkey Cage” and designed to teach people about business from a rational, scientific and fun perspective
  • being a visiting lecturer at Sussex University
  • writing “the HR Paradox”, a book to be published by Bloomsbury in 2016.