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Sean Gould

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Sean Gould

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At SKNG we strive to help clients be Inspired, Enabled and Transform their ICT to discover and utilise new age technologies and processes to deliver customer centric focused value. I am an experienced and accomplished ICT leader with over ten years of experience looking to leverage an extensive background in Project Management, Public Service Leadership, Modern Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and LEAN principles to deliver transformational projects within the Australian ICT Market. 

Motivated, skilled and knowledgeable employees are critical to the success of delivering value. My aim is inspiring, bringing these staff and maturing them in Agile values and principles, providing a breeding ground for innovative culture and thought leadership and to gain emotional and intellectual investment. SKNG embodies the principles of modern agile.

My approach for delivering ICT services is to focus on decoupling systems, creating virtual services, containerise applications thus giving teams more autonomy. Without it there are too many handoffs and heavy dependences. The aim is to create self-empowered and motivated teams working and responding to customers as fast as possible, in a controlled and quality driven mindset.