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Sergei Davidov

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Sergei Davidov

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A professional in the software development industry since 2005. In my experience I have played various roles including Analyst Programmer, Team Lead, Systems Architect, Scrum Master, Agile Coach. Since 2011, I have been teaching, coaching, and facilitating agile implementations at various organisations in logistics, e-commerce, finance, and government industries. It includes but is not limited to promoting and encouraging Agile values and principles through implementations of Scrum, XP practices, Lean, Kanban, LeSS, SaFE and Nexus. I am also passionate about Value Stream mapping and process improvement in my journey to help teams deliver valuable products.

In coaching Agile Teams, I have found a passion for continuous learning through my own journey in helping teams to continuously evolve, respond to change and solve problems through creative solutions.