Sergey Larionov

Sergey Larionov

Agile lead
Tokyo Agile Community
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Sergey Larionov

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Sergey enjoys inspiring and accompanying individuals, teams, large organisations and leaders to maximize value delivered regularly with minimal meaningful effort through clear vision and alignment, fluid collaboration, process and organisational efficiency, waste reduction, short learning cycle, continuous quick adaptability and building sustainable human connections with customers and partners, within organisation and between individuals.

He worked with many companies in Europe, Africa and Asia across multiple economic and public sectors, where he trained and accompanied thousands of people to Agile, established multiple successful Agile teams and scaled up existing Agile ways of working transforming global organisations.

Sergey has devoted himself to making the world a better place by helping individuals, groups, communities, businesses, governments and society by leveraging their potential and talents to improve the way they live and work maintaining healthy, harmonious and sustainable lifestyle.