Shripad Taralkar

Shripad Taralkar

Agile Coach
ANZ Bank
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Shripad Taralkar

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Organisational values are reflected in their environment, culture and dynamics, which determine the level of success and quality a company can achieve. When the company’s environment, culture and dynamics are interestingly positive and mutually adaptive, the people and teams can build the capability to create and achieve great things.

I help the teams and leaders understand what’s working and where there are inconsistencies that sap productivity and stifle innovation. I would like to explore the best to maximize the capacity for achievements by eliminating wasted effort, politics, distrust, and fear. I believe if we put the likeminded energies together, we can achieve a holistic view of the organization, and can build and design an environment to enable, support and sustain real agile success, now and in the future.

I am a part-time blogger, help contribute to support ‘Agile Australia’ conference and make it happen with other likeminded people in the agile community.
I am a proud father, and open to learn from all possible avenues, so be it tangible or intangible.

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