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Shuman Ip

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Shuman Ip

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Shuman Ip is a Scrum Master at BlueCat, North York, ON. In his time working as a Agile practitioner, Shuman has been involved in coaching individuals to enable them in achieving the next level of excellence, empowering Scrum teams to be more self-organizing and cross-functional, and nurturing a transparent, continuous-learning culture and champion bottom-up innovation at the organizational level.

His passions include coaching individuals through observation and powerful questions, team building to improve team dynamic and communication, and establishing servant-leadership through influence and lead-by-example. Outside of work, Shuman is a member of Agile Ontario and Agile TO. He was the panelist for the KWSQA monthly meetup on the topic of leadership in 2014, as well as the main judge for the preliminary round of the Software Testing World Cup 2016, which will have its final round at the Agile Testing Day 2016 in Potsdam, Germany. He has also attended several conferences/workshops such as Coach Retreat 2016 at BlueCat and Lean UX in the Enterprise workshop 2016 by Jeff Gothelf at Telus.

For his personal growth, Shuman is interested in reading and learning about leadership, team dynamic, and organizational psychology. Some of Shuman's hobbies include board games, solving puzzles and riddles, singing, playing piano, badminton, and hanging out with friends.