Stacy Goh

Stacy Goh

Software Engineer
Government Technology Agency
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Stacy Goh

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Agile DevOps Scrum software-engineering

hello, my name is Stacy and i am a software engineer working Govtech Singapore. I enjoy creating citizen-centric products which i am happily doing now in my job.


I started meddling in devops around 2 years ago and am helping my team with continuous integration pipelines and infrastructure. 


I’ve done several talks and workshops for various groups and conferences in Singapore including JuniorDev SG, Govtech Conference 2018. They say that there’s a first time to everything, so this will be my very first devops talk (don’t worry i know what i’m doing). 


From observation, i realised there aren’t many of my kind in Devops, so my hope is for more females to dive into the world of pipelining, containerisation, and infrastructure. 


Three additional interesting facts about me:

  1. I am a self taught developer (i used to be in the world of stocks and bonds)
  2. i have a graveyard of side projects (a bad habit of mine is not completing projects). Something that i thankfully completed was a Github Notifier Chrome extension which has around 300 users
  3. I am a wing chun (chinese martial arts) practitioner despite my small built (so don’t mess with me)