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Trained as an actor, joined the army Royal Engineers EOD, Served in Canada as a Staff Instructor on the training team. Broke neck, recovered, broke more bones, became  a facilitator and teacher for hire  then created Playworks® Oz, an experiential training company based in Melbourne.

Army, University and life  have taught me a great deal about change and handling it. Accepting what can't be changed, changing what can and understanding personal strengths. Creativity, curiosity, humour and playfulness have been at the core of my successes, including running ultra marathons after a prognosis of quadriplegia.

Training and facilitating have been at the heart of my work  devising activities and workshops that deliver the outcomes of clients, in a fun safe way for participants. Albert Bandura would agree that when we play, we have the opportunity to model best practice or see best practice and either way, it is a powerful learning experience.  Play is Czikszentmihalyi's  'Flow' and it can be harnessed to produce some seriously enriching innovations and outcomes. Marketing and Innovation are what Peter Drucker saw as the only two functions of a business. Play, when it isn't a for of innovation,  leads to innovation.