Stuart McNeil Mitchell

Stuart McNeil Mitchell

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Stuart McNeil Mitchell

Stuart Mitchell (Cal 1, Cal2, CSP, CSM, CSPO, CTC (pending))is an Award Winning Agile Coach, a founding member of the UK Banking Agile Collaboration Leadership Team, a contributory author to papers published by the UK Government Agile, and, on the UK's National Audit Office seminal paper "Agile Governance". Between 2012 and 2014 Stuart led HSBC's Agile Transformation across 13 countries, a project that involved 150,000 staff members. He is a highly experienced Agile Coach who is driven by the aim of inspiring change in the experience of work through the use of Agile and DevOps across the workspace. 
Stuart started working 'hands-on' with Agile in 2006 and has a deep well of real world 'war stories' f to draw upon which he brings into his frequent presentations. He is passionate about Agile education (lecturing at HK University) and when not helping Agile teams reach their goals he is working with local charities and social enterprise businesses on applying Agile to have a direct benefit in the community (currently OzHarvest). 

As a thought leader Stuart is actively researching and preparing a publication on  a proposed Agile Corporate Governance framework.  

He is an ex Rugby Player / Rugby Union Coach (12yrs), a lifelong learner and currently living in Sydney, Australia. 

Winner of the ‘Most Valuable Agile Programme in the UK’ - 2010 
Agile Business Awards − Runner Up 2010
‘Agile UK Scrum Master of the Year’ - 2011 
HSBC Platinum Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement - 2014