Stuart Turner

Stuart Turner

Thrivability Coach, CST, CEC, CPCC
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Stuart Turner


Hi, I’m Stuart Turner and I provide consulting, coaching and training to individuals, teams and organisations wanting to learn and improve. I’ve been authoring and nurturing software for 25 years on products for low-latency financial investment trading, financial modelling, operational risk and 3D computer aided modelling.

I’ve worked with and within startups, Global 100 companies and a variety of organisations between those extremes. I’ve also been an independent consultant and developer, running two small companies in the UK before moving to Singapore in 2011.

I’m a proponent of XP practices and have been since I encountered Kent Beck’s book on them in 2002. More than a decade later, and with the experience of working in and helping transform many teams and organisations, I continue to learn how to learn and to help others learn how to achieve their own goals.

I’ve been interested in understanding how people, teams and organisations work and how they fit in with the rest of society for as long as I can remember. My journey to discover deeper and more fulfilling answers continues. I’m a continual learner and experimenter. One of the things I like about being a Scrum Alliance Certified Trainer is the freedom to improve my courses based on student feedback as well as sharing of experiences with other trainers.