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Stuart Woodward

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Stuart Woodward

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6 years ago I had spent all of my professional career working in a lean manufacturing environment. 

Then the automotive industry in Australia died, which lead to an opportunity for me to spend 18 months in Madrid. So I transferred our lines to Spain, set them up and said Adios to all I knew.

So, what should I do now? While I was working this out, I did some charity work in Cambodia and helped start TukTuk Theatre, a program to help pre-school kids in Pursat, Cambodia. I am now a director of this charity and yes we did buy a TukTuk and put a big TV screen on the back of it.

I thought contracting might be for me so I spent 6 months with one of the big banks travelling around Australia rolling out Kanban boards. Perth, Geraldton, Sydney, Warnambool and Frankston. I got to see the country, went from never having flown Virgin to getting frequent flyer gold membership, but also realised contacting wasn't for me.

About 3 years ago I joined Intelematics in an operational role and this is when I first heard of Agile. 18 months later I became the first iteration manager in the company. I jumped into the role without any experience and have been learning as I go. We now have a number of other iteration managers and the role has become highly valued within the company. I'd like to think I played a big part in that, I love what I am doing and look forward to telling people about my journey.