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Takahiro Fujii

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Takahiro Fujii

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Takahiro Fujii(Taka)
UI/UX Engineer / Engineering Manager / VPoE

Takahiro Fujii(Taka) is working at WealthPark.inc as VPoE(Vice President of Engineering). Main responsibility is "Execusion" and "Make technical roadmap / decision". On the other hand that, as FrontEnd Engineer, also implementing product.

After graduated, Taka joined Rakuten and assigned Rakuten Travel Development. At international service development group, Taka developed hotel reservation system, extranet(provider system), accounting, inbound websystem as well. Working as Full-Stack engineer in while, but after 2017, Taka became Engineering Manager for UI/UX and FrontEnd fields. Then as Engineering Manager for UI Development Group (Web, iOS, Android), Taka contributed service, organization development. As freelance or in private, Taka is also doing product design, UI/UX design as well. Hobby is playing basketball and traveling. Favorites are coffee and alchol and Japanese food.