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Tarun Lalwani

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Tarun Lalwani

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Director & Founder of Tarun Automation Research & Labs Pvt Ltd (TARLABS™). TARLABS™ specializes in implementing custom Automation solutions and framework using different tools like QTP, Selenium, Python, Scrapy, Import.io. 

I started TARLABS™ in Jun 2013 and currently working on establish the company with core expertise in Test Automation and custom automation as well. I started my career with Infosys in 2004 as a Manual tester. My interest in development with VB6, took me towards Automation of IE using COM and later to explore QTP. After exploring QTP for over a year and answering many threads on www.sqaforums.com, I decided to write the first every book on QTP. In April 2009, I released my first book QuickTest Professional Unplugged. After that I authored 4 more QTP Books - And I thought I knew QTP!, Descriptive Programming Unplugged, UFT Interview UnpluggedQuickTest Professional 2nd Edition. I have got various acollades during my 8 years with Infosys.