Tim Dorsett

Tim Dorsett

Culture Ambassador
Innocent Drinks
location_on United Kingdom

Member since 11 months


Tim Dorsett

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Proud member of the environment group with the purpose 'to help people work better and go home happier'.

Tim has been at innocent 4 years. His job is to make people work hard and go home happy. Yes that's a real job. He’s the Pro-juicer of all the company events. Knows everyone and everything there is to know about innocent. Does incredibly well on a hangover. Hates being late. Loves spicy food. And is a ball of energy. Really, it can be too much.

Tim is a blend of… event organising, banana phone answering, spectacle wearing, coffee drinking, football kicking, festival going, MMM running MANgel.

Over 100% of your RDA of …. flirtation

2 portions of …. Dramatic flair

Never ever ever ....throw polystyrene at him

How to look after your tim…. give him a football, microphone and let him give a talk in front of a group of people

Nutritional Info – smiles. fun. Energy (sometimes an annoying level of energy). Friday beer.


  • 2 gesticulating arms
  • 4 years of actor training
  • 1 Italy obsession
  • 3 animal impressions
  • 45 football tops
  • 5 coats (he doesn't know why)