Tracey Dorch

Tracey Dorch

Sr. Project Manager
National Geographic Partners
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Tracey Dorch

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big-&-complicated systems-thinking

Over the last 15 years of project management, I’ve worked on some of the most amazing projects within digital media for Washington Post, Travel Channel, and currently, National Geographic. Hands-down, 2016 was a game-changer in my career.

I was assigned to manage National Geographic’s Global Sites program – a massive undertaking to consolidate our digital magazine, TV Channel, and other online businesses into new, local language sites within our international territories.

Being trained and coached in ‘Systems-Thinking’ the year before prepared our team to use some aspects of it in order to build a global platform and network. We did this by working with local and international teams and leveraging various tools, technologies, and processes. This year, we launched several local language sites in 6 international territories with many more to go.

I would love to share my team's journey for how we started from 'ground zero' to create a global system in order to scale our platform and launch more sites.