Tsutomu Yasui

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
とにかく明るい coaching feedback 大喜利 ゲーム その他-others チームの学びと成長-learn-and-grow-by-team game festival-祭り learn done fun thoughts-and-experiments:新しい提案や実験 心理的安全性 process workshop retrospective scrum-master-and-coaches:スクラムマスター稼業 games xp エクストリームプログラミング スクラムのはじめかた-how-to-begin-scrum 金沢トラック コミュニティセッション-community-session XP祭りトラック agile-leadership アジャイルリーダーシップ sustainability 価値 維持性

Recently started to work as a self-employed Agile coach after working in a company known for agile development and consulting. I use teaching and coaching to let people learn new stuff and get motivated to do new things. I prefer working with Gemba people (engineers, business,scrum masters, etc.) but I can work with managements or executives in organizational agile efforts. I'm specialized in using workshops and games for education, training and problem solving. I also like TDD (Test Driven Development) and object modeling.