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Tushar Somaiya

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Tushar Somaiya

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Tushar Somaiya helps enterprise reduce lead time from concept to cash and make change enjoyable and fun while bringing in lean and agile culture from front to back. Tushar helps organizations visualize their work, structure, flow and coach business & technology leaders in refining, defining and implementing new, better way of working, work and structure. He is an expert at creating space for innovation and learning and strongly believes in change by invitation over mandate. He trains trainers and coaches leaders and fellow coaches. He is well known in the industry for his knowledge and application of neuroscience principles in agile coaching, training and talks. He has recently been featured in "Who Is Agile In India".

He is now working as an independent enterprise agile coach. He had his entrepreneurial stint for over 3 years where he partnered with QAAgility and floated ShuHaRiAgile Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and AgileTestingAlliance.

Tushar has played a key role in the formation and growth of AgileTestingAlliance (ATA). He has co-designed 3 certification courses of ATA ranging from basic agile testing to advance automation agile testing. He has co-trained and mentored independent as well as corporate trainers to license them as ATA trainers. Well known names like Masa Maeda & Schalk Cronje have joined ATA on recommendation from Tushar. He has also been recommended by five existing Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) from Scrum Alliance to become a CST.

Tushar had set up and run 12 agile testing communities under the banner of agile testing alliance meetups. He has also organized, chaired and volunteered multiple agile conferences in India. He is a very well known speaker at prestigious agile conferences like Scrum Gathering India, GoAgile, Agile In Business etc.. He is often invited as a guest lecturer by SP Jain to train their lateral MBA class on agile.