Uday Kumar KV

Uday Kumar KV

Management Consultant (ALM & DevOps)
Addteq Software
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Member since 6 years


Uday Kumar KV

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An Intrapreneur (Proactive, Adaptable and Balanced), Specialist in Software Development Operations and Generalist in Business Operations. 

Working towards a vision - "Scientific Management of Software Industry" that will reduce all types of operational waste(s) and achieve Operational Excellence.

Value Generation to Customer:
Management Consultant for driving BizDevOps adoption and transformation.

Performs organizational assessment ( Delivery Operational Excellence ) and provides descriptive and prescriptive statements around problem statements ( eg: Visibility, Scalability, Traceability ).

Provides BizDevOps ( ALM & DevOps ) solution design for optimal delivery.

Specializes in Business Process Implementation involving Atlassian ALM Software Suite ( JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Hipchat ).

Value Addition at Addteq India (Present Company):
As a Product Manager, responsible for Atlassian ALM & DevOps Services Market Strategy ( Primary and Secondary Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Product Conceptualization, Marketing Strategy and Pricing Strategy )

Contributes to other cross-functional areas including Sales, Presales, Marketing & Engineering.

Volunteering: Contribution to IEEE DevOps Standards Creation.