Vaibhav Choudhary

Vaibhav Choudhary

Principal Member of Technical Staff
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Member since 5 years


Vaibhav Choudhary

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java-9 parallelism deterministic-gc gc data-analysis g1 jdk eclipse-platform developers java concurrency languages-and-tools java-8 peformance jdk8 eclipse jmh eclipse-heap-data-analysis java9 java8 parallelstreams streams string footprint optimization saas paas cloud benchmarking

Vaibhav Choudhary works in Java Platforms team from last 10 years. His core competency is to work with VM and Core-Libs in JDK. With total of more than 30 presentations, he leads the Java User Group, Bangalore.

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Some of my presentations :-


Presentations so far :-

1. Sun tech days (OneJava India), 2010 - G1: Next Generational Garbage Collector for hotspot VM

2. Sun tech days (OneJava India), 2010 - Mixing HeavyWeight (Hw)
and Lightweight (Lw) Components

3. FOSS.IN, 2009 - How to build OpenJDK

4. Bangalore JUG, 2014 - Concurreny programming with Java

5. Bangalore JUG, 2015 - Java Module and Project Jigsaw

6. Bangalore JUG, 2015 - Java Byte Code Analysis and Just In Time Compiler -

7. Bangalore JUG, 2016 - Lambda In Depth and In Practice -

8. Core Java Bangalore Meetup, 2016 - InvokeDynamic and Streams in JDK8

9. Software Architects Bangalore - Fifth Edition, 2016 - How concurrent programming a nightware for System Developers.

10. Software Architects Bangalore - Forth Edition, 2016 - Think of Automated Memory Management

11. Eclipse Day, 2015 - Optimizations by Java Runtime Compiler (JIT)

12. Bangalore JUG, 2015 - What's New in Java 9 (Non-Jigsaw Features)