Vanessa Leanne Tynes Jass

Vanessa Leanne Tynes Jass

Lawyer, Philanthropist, Speaker
KIR Foundation: Kelly is Real
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Vanessa Leanne Tynes Jass

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Vanessa L. Jass, B.A., LL.B.,

Practicing Lawyer

Author of “I am Real: A Personal Story of Triumph”

Founder of KIR Professional Coaching, and KIR Foundation: Kelly Is Real

I am Real Facebook Live video June 2018

Purpose of speaking is to share a Victim’s voice, and show how a victim of this horrible crime has survived impossible circumstances to reinvent new economic empowerment through education and other resources and to raise awareness of KIR Foundation:  Kelly is Real

My speaking topic will center around my 18 months of hell, a sample from my book, speaking about the murder of my 17 year old roommate, and how it affected me with survivor’s guilt, and how my success as a lawyer has helped me change my economic empowerment. How my story will help other victims be empowered to keep going and to seek help or resources to help them along the way.

Most importantly I will also speak of the Foundation and its mandate and purpose, which is to provide residual support to victims of human trafficking.  This would be in the way of donations to street level NGOs or individual applicants for bursaries and scholarships to help them with their studies that they are committed to.  We intend to provide financial and mentor support to help them achieve their own economic empowerment. 

My purpose is to provide awareness of the foundation, who it applies to and to allow NGOs who have street level contact with victims to aid in applicants coming forward.

As a litigation lawyer and public speaker I have many years of experience of speaking publicly.  I am a natural storyteller and can engage a complete conference room audience.  I would love to have an opportunity to be considered as a keynote speaker, however I understand if this is too late to be considered by the organizers.  I can be reached at the number posted above for an interview.  Thank you. v