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Victor Nunez

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Victor Nunez

Victor is an agile practitioner who has over twenty (20) years experience in the information technology industry. While a development manager in 2007, he learned about Scrum and its application in software development. He learned and applied Scrum in software product development by being a Scrummaster. Through the role of Scrummaster, he has learned the value of leading from behind and has since led team in this manner. Apart from being a scrummaster, he also played the role of a Product Owner.

During his engagements since 2009, Victor found himself thrust into dealing with people from different nationalities and cultures, apart from living and being amongst the multicultural community that is Australia. With these teams, he had to train, mentor and coach. It is with the coaching that he found value in understanding person and letting the person make the change to work better and be a better participant in the process - in this case agile and scrum.

Moving forward to 2015, Victor embarked to getting training in the co-active coaching model, a model he has read about during his time in between jobs and moving countries. It is this same model that Victor is coaching on and getting certified for. Victor works as an agile consultant/coach, scrummaster in information technology projects applying the principles of the model at the same time coaching individuals for whatever topics relevant to the person for the purpose of change and transformation.

Victor plans to fully be certified in the co-active model and embarked on training in other coaching methodologies.