Vinnie Gill

Vinnie Gill

Agile Coach
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Vinnie Gill

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Vinnie Gill lives a nomadic life, roaming the world as an Agile adventurer. Vinnie puts people and culture first. She enjoys connecting with people and companies to find their purpose, and walking alongside them in their organisational growth journey. Her passion is coaching at the Enterprise level to help bring about wide-ranging agile organisational transformation. 

Vinnie has vast industry and has deep business experience. She has previously held roles in Project Management, Contracts, HR, Strategy as well as experience working in and with start-up companies.

She is deeply involved in the Agile community and volunteers her time with the Business Agility Institute, in addition to being a member of the International Consortium for Agile.

Vinnie has a special interest in educating and education being the tool that empowers people; she is an IC Agile Authorised Instructor.