Vinod Purushothaman

Vinod Purushothaman

Programmer | Agile Evangelist | Mentor @ Envestnet Inc
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Vinod Purushothaman

I am a passionate Programmer, Agile Evangelist, Mentor and Technology Expert messing up with software engineering since 1998, working hard to spread agile principles and practices.

Started exploring Agile Practices from early 2009, and continues to learn the principles with a curiosity and enthusiasm like a kid.

As an agile practitioner, Vinod believes that continuous improvement is the path to success, hard work is the key though. 

Currently working as Technical Architect at Envestnet Inc, and loves to mentor and coach individuals and teams to practice Agile methods. 

I have also worked with Agile Software community of India to organize Agile Kerala 2013, first ever Agile and Lean Software Development Conference in Kerala.