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Wolfram Müller

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Wolfram Müller

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high-performance Theory of Constraints

How to enable performance and agilty in your organization fast? Very simple - Make project management agile and make agile methods reliable. For this, we enhance the existing multi-project management with bottleneck and buffer management from the Theory of Constraints aka Critical Chain Project Management. Agility finds its place on team and work-package level and benefits from clear priorities out of project world. This enables us to offer you an optimal, fast flow of work and agility with full transparency at the same time.

There is so much powerful knowledge about how to bring systems and people to this state of Flow. But until now it has not been available for everyone and was yet hard to apply. BlueDolphin is finally here to change that! Our goal is to make the knowledge how to reach high-performance in shortest posible time available for all organizations.