Yasunobu Kawaguchi

Yasunobu Kawaguchi

Agile Coach
Rakuten Inc.
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Member since 2 years


Yasunobu Kawaguchi

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プロダクトオーナーシップ-product-ownership devops lean-startup シンプリシティ 業務知識 パターン めんどくさい エッセンシャル思考 ポジティブ workshop ワークショップ agilecoach スクラムのはじめかた-how-to-begin-scrum とにかく明るい リーン

Yasunobu Kawaguchi is an in-house Agile Coach in Rakuten, Japanese Internet Company.

I spent over 14 years on Software service production and operation, then move to Agile Coaching and Training area.

I am happy to support all teams and product owners.


I'm organizing three conferences in TOKYO:

  Rakuten Technology Conference : Global Tech Conference by Rakuten. Cutting-edge Techs and Startups. It's free and all sessions are in English. October 22 ,2016

  Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo: Regional community conference in Tokyo and Japan. English session covers 50% of timeboxes in the last time. Next: Janurary 12-13, 2016 

  XP matsuri : Community conference of XP and Agile, It's free and welcome beginners. Next: September 24, 2016